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Happy birthday Derk! :]

You're a cool cat and I hope you just stay the way you are. Your posts, your debates, everything about you is amazing! To be honest, I still haven't figured out how you've done it, writing all those really well-constructed posts. Your dedication to the server, your battling skills, everything! Its really.. I don't know.. magical! Yeahhh, that means...

derk is harry potter shhhhhhhh

Anyway I hope you have a fantastic day, eat lots of cake etc. etc. I'm horrible with celebrating and thinking of presents, but I think I got you something you'd like! Sorta. I don't even know. Who doesn't love dancing kitties though? Don't deny it. :(

YEAH TAP DANCING KITTIES. Happy birthday Derk! :] (I can't bake so I couldn't make a cake sorry!)
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