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    Jul 30th:
    I woke up freshly and started the game. Battled Bianca caught her Tepig. Went inside Striaton city. Did the usual stuff. Battled Cheren and caught his Snivy too. Went back to Route 1 to train the team. Leveled them all at Lv 12 to face the gym leaders. Conquered the league after 4th try. Damn those Lilipups were very tough. Got the Trio Badge. Admired the animation afterwards as well the ability to use TMs unlimitedly. Went at Dreamyard. Got Pansear. Teached it HM Cut. Battled the Grunts. Picked up Items. Got back and got C-Gear. Left the city, entered Route 2. The scenery was amazing. Man how is Black running so fast in my PC when HeartGold runs slow???. Ah well did the usual training stuff. Entered Route 3. Caught a Pidove. ( I am still at doubt to raise it or not?? Any suggestions please...) Went after those grunts, defeated them of course Got that Thief TM and head out again. Currently at South of Route 3 about to battle trainers there.

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