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I shall write up a huge wall of text in the next few seconds in order to take pride on the day of birth of our resident Shaymin, Morgan Fern--err Freeman.

So wow, 76 huh? I remember two years ago, when my mask was still freshly made from the recovered remains of my human body, I come across a certain group of weird people along my path. You were one of them, and oh boy were you weird. You had a prominent fern-stench that always stinks up the room despite of our efforts to mitigate them towards your nose. Back then, I didn't really interacted with you much because I thought you were really mean. I suppose, even after all these years, nothing much has changed. Fast forward to the present, you're a blooming fern plant capable of narrating and being a cold, black guy in Hollywood. It was still apparent that you are still Shaymin by heart. I remember your display of prudence; it was very light-heartening. You are still as weird as ever, though.

Oh boy, I'm already running out of nonsense to blabber. How do you manage to do these things anyway? I suppose only a fern who gained sapience like you could tell. Maybe if I try eating one of those fern plants in our front yard, it would turn me into a capable tl;dr writer much like yourself. You've really given much dedication to the PokeCommunity forums and even the current Battle Server. I am very certain that your contributions will not be forgotten. I hope there will come a time when I will stop suspecting every random user that comes into the server as you; you really have had a fair share of alts.

I feel so ashamed that I could only muster this much. In comparison to your wall of texts, mine is but a dust in the spectrum of wall of texts. It is now obligatory for me to greet you a happy birthday. Happy birthday Morgan Fernman / Derrick Treeman / (insert other derk alts here)! May the odds be ever in your favor!

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