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Barbecue the Emboar L49
Cyanide the Scolipede L48
Pietra the Krookodile L48
Mikhail the Swanna L48
Tesla the Eelektross L48
Daenerys the Haxorus L49

Need to get the Victory Road done. Will probably get everyone to 50 then tackle the league. Ghetsis should be easy because Daenerys can setup on Cohagrigus.

Anyway, I caught a shiny Watchog but it makes no difference because Watchog sucks.


Elite Four...

- Shauntal: Pietra killed Cohagrigus, Tesla killed Jellicent, Mikhail took care of Golurk and Chandelure.
- Grimsley: Cyanide killed Scrafty, Liepard. Barbecue handled Bisharp, and Mikhail took care of Krookodile.
- Caitlin: Pietra straight sweep.
- Marshal: He took down two of my Pokémon (Mikhail and Tesla). Mikhail killed Throh, Tesla finished off Sawk, Cyanide killed Conkeldurr and Barbecue killed Mienshao.

Finally, the N battle. I chose not to use Reshiram, because it's easier without him.

Pietra handled Zekrom easily. I used Foul Play instead of Crunch because of Zekrom's high Attack compared to my own Krookodile, and Foul Play has more BP. Afterwards, Dig was used to finish him off. Then came Vanilluxe, which was killed by Barbecue and his Flame Charge. The idea was to get two hits in and sweep him with Barbecue, but I forgot he had a Water-type (Carracosta) with Sturdy... Barbecue killed Carracosta, and Klinklang afterwards, forcing N to send out an undisguised Zoroark. Cyanide killed Zoroark, and Tesla won the battle against Archeops.

Ghetsis SHOULD have been easy because Daenerys can setup on Cohagrigus. SHOULD. But he scored a cheap crit and Daenerys went down. I had to use Pietra against the coffin for an easy KO. Usually he sends Hydreigon next, because there are very few Pokémon in the Unova Dex that can wall it (Jellicent is one such Pokémon), and that's what he did. Since Daenerys was down (shame as it was her first fight), I tried a different strategy. I sent Tesla and paralyzed him, then damaged him with Acrobatics. Hydreigon killed Tesla with Dragon Pulse. I still had a few Pokémon to use against him, but I went with the riskier option, which was Cyanide. Megahorn connected and Hydreigon went down. After that, it was easy. He sent out Bisharp, and I countered with Barbecue, who disposed of him without much trouble. Next was Bouffalant, OHKOed by Hammer Arm. Following that, Ghetsis sent out Seismitoad, which would've been a good choice from the beginning since none of my Pokémon had moves to counter it. Mikhail killed it with a few Flying-type moves. Lastly, Eelektross was killed by Pietra.

Final status:

Barbecue the Emboar L54
Cyanide the Scolipede L53
Pietra the Krookodile L54
Mikhail the Swanna L53
Tesla the Eelektross L52
Daenerys the Haxorus L52

Overall I enjoyed this run. I used basically the same Pokémon as in my previous run (replaced Jellicent with Swanna), but most things happened differently so I had to use different strategies. This time I plan to take on the E4 rematch without cheating to get fast shaking grass and with the same team as the first run, for the sake of convenience.

Black 2 is halted, I'll resume it today. Need to catch a female Roselia, preferably with Natural Cure but Poison Point works too.

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