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    I'm reviving this thread because I have writing that I want to share. Although I know that there is one person who's been waiting for something from this story, I'm posting this here to share with others. Also, there's a hope that if this thread is revived, others will post in it as well.

    The story is the first book in the series collectively titled Long Twilight Struggle, and the first book is Heirs of the First Revolution. It's a rewrite of Digimon Adventure 02. This project could be considered my pet project, as it's the one I put the most work into.

    The scene under the spoiler isn't actually a spoiler. It's a random scene that came to mind when I started working on the first chapter, and I have no idea where to put it. So there's no context, though it will make some sense to those who are Digimon fans, naturally.

    And there, scuttling among the army, was Wormmon. Disgusting Wormmon. Weak Wormmon. The little bug was everything BlackGreymon hated. He was a sniveling boot-hugger, following the Kaiser around, tugging at his cape and begging for a second of attention. BlackGreymon stayed out of the Kaiser's way. He stood near his special forces and watched as Wormmon cried for the Kaiser's attention.

    “Master! Master! It's getting close to dinnertime! Shouldn't you-”

    The Kaiser whipped around. He said nothing. Wormmon didn't even deserve that much. The only answer the pathetic Digimon received was a kick that send him sailing into the air battling unit. A Unimon snorted at Wormmon.

    BlackGreymon smiled. He knew it would be a good day when Wormmon went flying. It meant the Kaiser was ready for a new challenge. BlackGreymon prepared his troops for battle.

    The prologue begins now! Before you start to run
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