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I would represent the power of Darkness! The blackening abyss that dwells deep within the hearts of mankind! The terror and despair that drags the human soul into the chasm of Hell itself! The wrath and fury that drives people to the brink of madness! Flames that consume and burn down EVERYTHING! THAT IS ME. I AM THE NIGHT! MUAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!!
So i'm going to edit an adorable chick in here to make you smile:

Originally Posted by Sweets Witch View Post
I would stand up for truly impartial judgement in the legal system so my daughter's mom could stop trouncing me during all of our court dates by invoking guilt and pity. If she breaks into tears in the middle of a sentence while trying to get her grubby little hands on my pride and joy then it's all tissues and candy but when I do it I get a stern, unyielding look and uncomfortable silence.
Well that sucks. Gotta absolutely hate it when former partners can't even have the basic honour and decency to give you the right of something that is yours, instead trying to spite you. Wow you may hate me and that's fine but don't restrict me from my son/daughter because of it! My friend recently became a dad then had a nasty split with the 19 year old girlfriend (I think she was 19) and is now locked in a horrible custody battle against a terrible mother, the babies leg somehow broke when she was out partying. I think your want of true impartial justice is very admirable, moral of the story is don't have kids until the parents are mature and responsible, as well as pick your partner more carefully. All the best to you Sweets.

Now, what would I stand for? Give gay people their right to marriage in more countries so they can quit yapping about it, it doesn't affect me in any way but it'd be nice for people to have something that shows we're making more progress in terms of equality and building an open, acceptable society. I'd stand up for harsher punishment of hardcore criminals like Kura said, maybe then they'll get it through their thick skulls not to do it again! As it is now we're extremely soft and they know it. People make mistakes, others deliberately and maliciously abuse they system to cause evil all their lives.

Drug users and suppliers also piss me off, you could say the prohibition era showed you can't stop people doing what they want but if something is deemed illegal by society for a good reason we could do more to enforce it. Say a couple years of hard labour for taking drugs and 20 for any sort of supplying and I'd think we'd scare them off pretty quick. 5 million American dopeheads to rebuild infrastructure and serve the community or die basically, woo country fixed! It'd also fix Mexico and all of South America...

Insomniac, you know Winston Churchill wanted euthanasia of the "feeble minded"? I think it is also very cruel to keep them in existence, natural selection would have put them out of their misery long ago, voluntary euthanasia should be an option for people in too much pain to live or disabled to the point of not being able to do anything but vegetate in mental torture, if you have that capacity.

I can't think of too much more that would be controversial or risky to stand up for, equity, education, healthcare etc is too easy, maybe ban products like fast food and cigarettes? They openly take advantage of people and provide no benefit to them whatsoever. It'd take a great burden off the healthcare system. Disband the Republican party, conservatives are silly.
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