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It's an interesting thought Drakow, one that many laugh and joke about, how there is one huge flaw.

Your hypothesis suggests that 'nature' has some kind of consciousness or is able to influence genetics as a whole - when everyone's genetic data is, basically, isolated from the world. Essentially the only way that 'nature' could be the cause would work is with a designer controlling it.

I believe, a more likely explanation to the 'boom' in non-cis-heterosexual-etc.s is two fold.

1. It is more socially acceptable to be out, therefore more are known.
2. There are more people in the world, so the minority (I believe homosexuals are predicted at 7%?) is more noticable. That 7% is now millions of people, and we are connected via the internet and social media, making our presence more known.

As far as I'm concerned homosexuality has always existed, whether openly or behind the curtains. I don't believe there are more homosexuals now, just more people who don't 'turn straight' to please society.