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1.) I have the talent of being a ninja! Extremely stealthy, I can maintain noise discipline and blend into the background at all times, you'll never see me coming! Seriously though, if annoying people is a talent then I am an extremely gifted child.
2.) I was told I was extremely good at reading and writing as a child, like reading at a 10th grade standard in year 3. Now i'm in Year 11, never honed my ability and am only mediocre in English. I used used to have the talent of being funny, making people laugh, now I just have a very dry sense of humour and mostly make snide remarks and sarcastic snipes at people. Any genuinely amusing things are thought of like a minute after the moment, curse you slow brain!
3.)I wish I was good at art and drawing, I find it really enjoyable but don't have the skill level to do anything much better than Kindergarten scribbles. I also wish I was more adept and talking to people, that's a talent but is also more learned behaviour than anything I guess...
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