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Originally Posted by SwiftSign
2. There are more people in the world, so the minority (I believe homosexuals are predicted at 7%?) is more noticable. That 7% is now millions of people, and we are connected via the internet and social media, making our presence more known.
I don't think this is valid. The fact that 7% is now millions doesn't make it any more noticeable, because it's still 7%. The same proportion of a larger crowd is no more or less noticeable than that of a smaller crowd. The only way it would become more noticeable is if the proportion itself were to change.

Drakow, your thoughts are very interesting indeed! It brings about the interesting question about whether nature does have a consciousness. I'm no scientist, but what with brainwaves shooting all over the place and molecules and such, who knows what could be going on behind the scenes?

Also welcome blaziken25 and Psycho, I'll add you to the club list when you start posting in your new account. I'll keep an eye out for it

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