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Originally Posted by Shining Raichu View Post
I don't think this is valid. The fact that 7% is now millions doesn't make it any more noticeable, because it's still 7%. The same proportion of a larger crowd is no more or less noticeable than that of a smaller crowd. The only way it would become more noticeable is if the proportion itself were to change.
It does, scientifically speaking, make something more noticable. Especially considering we can connect together via social media, making minority groups more interconnected and accessible.


When a small town (UK) these days has around 500 adults, using the 7% rule 35 people deviate from heterosexual. That is approaching a strong number, it means there is a strengthened possibility of you meeting another homosexual, or having friends. Even if some of these people are in the closet, there are still people you might find.

If we go back to when villagers were less than 100 people, there were 7. Now, once you filter in whatever the percentage of 'closeted' people in, there are even less. There are less opportunities to meet a gay person, even if the percentage is the same.

A further example - are you more likely to notice gay people in a village or a city? A city has a larger population, and the majority of western-cities now have some kind of gay scene caused by the congregation of people, making them far more noticeable. Again, proving the point.