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Latest | 0.56a | 30/07/13: So, as you know, the game's development has been frozen for a while. Fortunately, we are still working on it and want to release the demo due 5 months ago. I apologise for the delay. Harvey was unable to access a computer and let's just say procrastination is my best friend. Features and updates set to be included in the upcoming demo include:
  • Maps completely retextured with custom tiles sprited by Harvey
  • Custom player sprites made by Harvey
  • New widescreen resolution (640x400)
  • Completed maps all the way to Magnas City
  • All important events complete all the way to Magnas
  • Final Pokédex in the game without uneccessary later generations
I promise we will update the game soon, and when we do, it will be so much better than it was last update.
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