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    I been digging some information about this part of game mechanics. As far as i can find is Technique Points a part of early concept of pokemon game, As shown in several Capsule Monsters sketches, Pokémon were originally planned to have a stat called TP, presumably short for Technique Points, with each move requiring a certain amount of TP to use. Of course this is more reasonable than PP. For Instance, an Azumarill which already used several times of it's Hydro Pump move(assuming Hydro Pump move require a lot of TP to preform it) should no longer able to perform any moves later due to it's depleted TP. Apart from that, the usage of Ether will be more reasonable and the game itself will become more dynamic if this game mechanism is implement.

    (Pardon me for my bad english and hope you get what i'm trying to state here)

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