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    Ok... Time for some Black 2!

    Members as of 30/07/2013

    Sasaki the Dewott L34
    Faraday the Magneton L34
    Kerbero the Growlithe L34
    Juliet the Roselia L33
    Achilles the Heracross L33

    Dumped Ramone for Achilles. While searching for suitable Pokémon on the web I learned you can get Heracross in Lostlorn Forest in Black 2 only, and I wanted a Heracross so badly, so off I went. Caught Juliet and even a female Combee while looking for Heracross. I ended up catching two, both males. The first one was released because it was Quiet and had Swarm ability. The other one is Achilles, who is Adamant with Guts ability. Lucky thing eh?

    Did all the side quests in Nimbasa, got the team up to L32 and went to the gym. Elesa was relatively easy. Faraday took care of Emolga and Achilles defeated Flaaffy easily. Then the *censored* Zebstrika scored a crit on Achilles and killed him. I had tons of Pokémon to throw at her, though. Kerbero used Retaliate to win the match.

    Beat Charles and caught a Ducklett (HM slave) at the Drawbridge, then arrived at Driftveil, where I'll remain until the next time.

    Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire, the day Pokémon pulled a Dallas and jumped the shark.