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Heya guys! Quoting everyone seems to be way too much work at this point, but the general message remains the same whether I individually quote you guys or not; I'm truly and extremely thankful to have each and every single one of you as my friends. You guys are all amazing, and at first, I wasn't really expecting anything to come out of my b-day thread (blame my own low self-esteem, lmao), but all of you have changed that. Words can't express my current gratitude at this point, but you all pretty much get it, right? xD

In any case, despite not having a huge birthday party or anything like that, my b-day turned out to be a huge blast. Honestly, I feel that I don't really need fancy parties, given the predicament that I'm in at this point. My family showed me that they appreciate me, and I couldn't really ask for anything more than that.

I can safely say that this birthday was just as awesome as my 19th, so yeah, for those of you that were wondering, it went awesome. Again, thanks everyone. ♥ Even to those of you who managed to wish me happy birthday through VMs (and even through the battle server), you guys are awesome, too! Everyone is, and I hope you all have just about an amazing day as I had.
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