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    Originally Posted by Keizaal View Post
    These are amazing! I'm suprised you haven't gotten more requests!

    Type of Graphic: Signature
    Text: This Is My Compromise
    Size: The size of the one in your signature!
    Image link: here
    Additional Notes: Do you think it would be possible to have a matching avatar as well (without text)? If not, that's okay!
    Here ya go:-

    Now will do yours Batto.

    Originally Posted by .:batto:. View Post
    Type of Graphic(sig/avi/banner,etc): Sig
    Text: The Sapphire Surf Club (capitals on each word & preferably blue in colour )
    Subtext: None
    Size: Maximum Size for a signature on PC.. If pixels are too big, the size of your own sig
    Image link:
    Additional Notes: None.

    ill be waiting for a reply max!
    inbox me the picture if you can also.
    Here ya go:-
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