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    1. What talents do you have and kept to this day?
    Umm.. Well, I'm pretty good at a couple of musical instruments (Eg, Bass/Acoustic/Electric guitar, Piano, small experience with drums, some music programs, the triangle (hehe..)). I also like drawing, I'm alright, not that great though, I like to just draw weird messed up trippy things (Sometimes stoner/drug related), skate boarding and some skills at making 16 bit graphics (I used to make custom Mario sprites for a fan game that let you add them in), and well.. I'm not really sure what else.

    2.What Talents do you use to have in the past?
    I never really had any talents when I was littler.. I suppose making people laugh a lot, but through out the years, I've kinda stopped being the class clown, due to majority of people turning out to be pricks and I just hate being around most of them (But the ones I'm comfortable with and good friends, we make each other crack up ).

    3. What talents do you wish you've had?
    I would like to be good at singing, because I love doing it, but I'm just not good, it would be nice to have a good singing voice (And I don't mean like, opera high pitch, punk or rock style would be good. Eg Billie Joe Armstrong or Anthony Kiedis). I would also like to be a better drawer, people say I'm pretty good so far, but sometimes my drawings just turn out weird and not very good compared to actually good people haha.
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