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Originally Posted by BlahISuck View Post
@ Psycho Yuffie: I'm of the opposing opinion that people are born with a certain plausible range of sexual identity - some narrow and some wider, some on different points in the spectrum - but I don't think most people fall in the middle. I'm not very attracted to the idea of middleness because it opens the slippery slope that sexual identity is mostly influenced by society and leads to, yunno, bad stuff.
I dunno. I think that a lot of people have a wider range of sexual identities than they may think they have, and that society can and does influence people's sexuality in the sense that a lot of people are pushed by society to the far corners of the sexual spectrum where they identify as straight or gay, but nothing in the middle.

I mean, when you look at it, we have so many examples of excuses we come up with to reinforce the idea that sexuality is consistent throughout one's life. We says it's okay during puberty to be attracted to someone of the same sex "even if you're not gay." While it's good that we aren't judging people for that, we for some reason dismiss that attraction as being "not real" or some confusion of hormones. I don't understand why we can't just accept that as a valid part of someone's sexuality. Well, I can understand to some extent. We're afraid (justifiably) of the accusation that sexuality can change because, although there is nothing wrong with that idea, it will embolden people who think it's wrong to be gay or bi or asexual or anything not heterosexual. We can all imagine what those people would do with that kind of message.

Personally, I think it's okay to say "I was born gay and I won't change" but it's better to say "It doesn't matter if you choose to be gay or not. There's nothing wrong with being gay." (Or replace "gay" with whatever identity you'd like.)

I'm not saying that everyone has made a conscious decision. I just think that one's sexuality should be no one's business but one's own and whoever you choose to share it with.