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    Crap! I forgot to fill my SU out!

    Name: Minato Shuzen
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male

    Team: Scizor (Hiroju), Poliwrath (Chakun), Hitmonlee (Senju), Floatzel (Tobirama), Electabuzz (Raiden), Magmar (Hashirama)
    Legendary: Latias

    Appearance: Minato stands at 6'8, being rather tall for a man of any age. He has long, blonde hair that spikes out in many different directions. His skin, by comparison, is rather pale. He normally wears a yellow sleeveless shirt and tight-fitting black pants, not to be confused with skinny jeans. They are more loose than that. He has bright blue eyes the shade of the ocean. He's more agile and lean than he is muscular, but he has powerful leg muscles, and in turn, he is faster than the average bear.

    Personality: Minato is very bright and optimistic. He is always smiling his big, funny smile, and tends to love it. Smiling is his favorite. He is always trying to make people feel better and see the brighter side of the darkness, always saying things like, "Don't worry. The sun will come out tomorrow!" or "The grass is always greener on the other side." He's always wanting to help out a friend, always wanting to help out. Minato is also very brave, if anything. He loves the thrill of risking his life and danger, and loves duking it out with his Scizor, Hiroju, just for the Helll of it.

    History: A Secret. I'm stealing the idea! >: D

    Other: Minato has a deathly fear of flying
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