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    Originally Posted by Spiky-Eared Pichu View Post
    First of all, that title screen is simply AMAZING. I think you're the first one to successfully edit it. MKDS Course Modifier is a powerful tool, and I know features like texture and palette editing are attractive, but I'm not planning to add them to SDSME. On the other side, an explorer is already available, although in a different way than you may be expecting. If you navigate to the folder your current ROM is, you will see there's a new folder with all the game data inside. You can access and edit the whole filesystem of the game this way, but always making sure you close every program using the files (except SDSME, of course) when saving, or a random error may happen.

    I may add a shortcut or something to SDSME to make it more visible
    Thanks a lot for the information.
    I have one more question, I have been trying to replace and edit the buildings models but allways the game frezees or the textures are wrong. I think that to solve this problem we must edit the file called "build_model_matshp.dat", is that correct or the problem is just the .nsbmd file?
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