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    Samantha Felicity Cooper

    Sammy stood at one end of Battlefield Ten - one strewn with rocks and boulders of various sizes, watching her red haired opponent. He was playing around with his Pokedex again while Cubone waited on the field. He had allowed her to make her selection first, but the choice had been obvious. And by the looks of things all this standing around was starting to get to Cubone, his nervous behaviour surfacing again. He kept looking back at Sammy uncertainly.

    "Hey!" She called out. "Are we gonna do this or what?"
    "Hm? Oh, sure. Are you ready?"
    "I've been stood here waiting for you to get your slow ass into gear and send out a Pokemon for five minutes! Come on pal, get a move on before I get bored."
    "Alright," he laughed, "you asked for it. Come on out Morph."

    He opened up one of his pokeballs and released a... Ditto!? Who actually used Ditto to battle? This was going to get confusing fast if this was what she thought it was.

    "Ladies first." He said with a grin. Ugh, she hated this guy...
    "Cubone, use Focus Energy!"
    "Morph, Transform!"

    Cubone took a deep breath and closed his eyes, tapping his bone club slowly and rhythmically on the ground. The Ditto meanwhile did the only thing it could and began to stretch and mould its own body, colours slowly changing as it took on the form of the Cubone it faced. It stuck its tongue out and laughed, enjoying the mimicry.

    Tap... tap... tap... Cubone took a deep breath and began to accelerate the drumming... tap, tap, tap, tap tap tap taptaptaptaptap! Opening his eyes he cried out aggressively, glaring at his copycat. It worked! Finally they were getting somewhere.

    "Alright! Bone Club!"
    "Go to it Morph."

    The two Cubone charged at each other, Morph mirroring Sammy's Cubone perfectly. They lashed out with their clubs, smacking each other relentlessly in a flurry of strikes. And Cubone was holding his own, barely flinching from each blow! It looked like they had finally cracked it, Cubone was able to battle now without freaking out and just using Endure.

    "Keep it up Cubone, you're doing great!"

    He carried on with Bone Club attacks, while Morph did the same. The bones crashed off each other, the two Pokemon fighting like duplicate samurai. It was exhilerating to watch Cubone battle at this level, she knew he'd had this potential inside of him! The only problem was that the Ditto was copying every movement, intercepting it or landing an identical hit... how far did that extend?

    "Dodge back!" She called out. The red haired boy gave no command, but as Cubone launched himself backwards his counterpart did exactly the same. So that was their game... they were emulating their opponent, playing mind games by copying everything perfectly without issuing orders. Time to confirm it. "Now Endure!" How ironic that the move which had caused them such problems would prove her theory.

    Cubone held his club diagonally across his body as a barrier and became outlined with a faint red light as Endure took effect... and Morph did exactly the same thing. They were so dedicated to this transparent strategy that they were missing out on a chance to attack, wasting their opportunity... and this boy was smug about it! Typical. It was an interesting approach, but they would need an extra edge to take it to the next level.

    "Bring it home Cubone. Use your new move!"

    The red haired boy looked suprised and Sammy couldn't help but grin at him. Morph was able to mirror them so perfectly and quickly because it was reacting to her commands, not its own Trainers. Without knowing what Cubone was going to do they couldn't respond so efficently. Fortunately Cubone knew what she meant and held his bone club beside him, pointed forward like a lance. Charging forwards he began to slash backwards and forwards, making it difficult to interpret where the attack would land. Just as Morph began to copy the movements Cubone jumped into the air and brought the club crashing down on his opponents head with a devastating Brick Break. And thanks to Focus Energy it was a devastating blow.

    Morph's head sagged in, his colour slowly reverting to purple as he melted into a puddle on the ground... eugh, that was disgusting. But at long last Cubone had won his first battle, a decisive victory despite the efforts of a subversive enemy.
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