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I'd have to say Forever, she was the one who convinced me to join the PC Battle Server. However, I've had a fair share of members inspire me to start hanging out in even more sections than when I was new, like I remember good old AlexOzzyCake making me want to branch out into Pokemon Clubs, Cirno in The Welcome Lounge, but I have to say MidnightShine was the one who made me want to eventually use CSS signatures and while he never comes on the internet these days so he probably won't see this, he did make me the member I was today.

And also Toujours gets a shout-out because she was the one who gave her Supporter prize from last year's PCX Get-Together to me, as a birthday gift nonetheless. Although the biggest shout-out has to go to AWsquared, he was like a friend I never had.
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