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Originally Posted by ChipmunkGamingInc. View Post
Good day to you, good Treeko10. I run Chipmunk Gaming Inc., a Pokemon breeding facility. I am new to this fine community, and have recently opened my own trading and breeding shop. I happened to stop by and notice that you wish for a Ralts. I happen to have a few on my hands, maybe a Shiny one. If you would like, I could check and see what I have? In return, perhaps you could trade me some Pokemon of your whim? I strongly believe in giving away Pokemon like it's a Christmas charity drive. I'm just as happy with a Patrat as I am with a Dialga.
Please note this Ralts is a low-ish level and in Pokemon White 2.

I say verily unto thee,

Hey there! Welcome to the forums and good luck with your shop! Thanks for the offer, but I only have a gen 4 game (I know, I'm really out-dated ). If you have a gen 4 game and would like to trade, I'll be here!
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