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Overall I don't really care what gender they are. Unless I'm catching to complete a breeding pair; then I pay attention. But I'll box them away anyways for later if I can conceive of a use for them. I seldom release anything unless it's a Pokemon I'm not going to train.

In a personal sense however; feelings differ, I allow myself, and I am more likely to become deeply attached to a female Pokemon than a male one. However I never get attached to Pokemon I didn't name; and I never name Pokemon that I didn't travel with extensively, and therefore bond deeply, with. I feel like nicknaming a Pokemon implies a more complex relationship than simply just the one between trainer and Pokemon. I occasionally nickname HM slaves for utility reasons if the need arises, but that doesn't do much. Pokemon that came with a name I didn't request usually end up being treated as if they've got no name at all.

But despite my personal tastes, I don't waste a usable Pokemon. While I wouldn't hesitate to release a box full of Magikarp; I would feel bad doing so with a box full of a less common, and/or annoying, Pokemon like Spinda. I especially feel responsible for finding good homes for all of them if I catch too many for my needs while grinding for shiny Pokemon. I once spent a week trading off a box full chaff Pokemon that I didn't want cluttering up my storage on the GTS. I was surprised they were valued at all, but the GTS is a worldwide place and somebody wanted them.

I ended up with essentially a box of Bidoof which I feel better about releasing into the wild than I did the other Pokemon.
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