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The first people I met on here were NikNaks and Dreamcatcher - neither of whom I really see around any more but I owe them because they encouraged me to be open and confident in the community and share my ideas etc...

More recently though the people who have really made PC worth it for me are my friends in the RPC, especially Red's Hawt Chibi Pelippers (who was something of a mentor as far as I'm concerned), ChiliDawgs, EliteBeats and Lokiepie. They're a good group of people and just as important as a lot of the people I have met in real life.

The people in the off-topic forums are quite the interesting crowd too mind you - Shadow Excadrill has been awesome to talk to and the same goes for Avishka.

Really though, everyone on PC has done their own bit to make the community a great place to spend time I should really be spending on assignments.
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