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    Name: Fenneking
    Game:Red, Silver, Ruby, Diamond, White2 (if I have time)
    Ultimate: Nah
    Gen V raffle: No thanks.
    Teams: Listed Below. I'll start with Red for Kanto.
    This sounds awful, but pretty much everything alludes to Alabama or "the South". I tried to put as many band or musician references in as well.

    Vileplume (Jessebelle) - Alabamian - Southern Belle/Pokemon Anime
    Charmander (Auburn) - Plushie - City in Alabama
    Goldeen (Paula) - Marching - "Paula-Deen" She's from Georgia, but I thought this would be hilarious, plus she covers southern cuisine.
    Jolteon (Sydian) - Favorite - Sydian
    Rhydon (Bama) - Striker - The 'bam' in Alabama.
    Pidgeot (Skynard) - Mascot - Lynard Skynard - Sweet Home Alabama

    Jumpluff (Ginny) - Alabamian - Cotton Gin
    Corsola (Colonia) - Striker - Original colony + coral colonies as a defense.
    Cindiquil (Sunny) - Plushie - Alabama is quite sunny!
    Umbreon (Sydian) - favorite - Sydian
    Piloswine (Tuskee) - Mascot - Tuskegee City in Alabama, contains 'tusk'.
    Delibird (Faith) - Marching - Hope for a white christmas + for all them faithful and devout.

    Roselia (Rosa) - Alabamian - Rosa Parks, Notable Alabamian (also southern belle aspect).
    Torchic (Cajun) - Plushie - Spicy hot chicken, southern food.
    Walrein (Tuscaloo) - Mascot - Tuscaloosa City of Alabama, contains 'tusk'.
    Altaria (Sydian) - Favorite - Sydian
    Aggron (King Coal) - Rock Head - Nat King Cole, Notable Alabamian, alludes to coal.
    Vigoroth (Fetti) - Marching - Confederate and Football Victory Confetti.

    Cherrubi (Sweety) - Plushie - Sweet Home Alabama
    Rapidash - (Dixie) - Marching - (Closest to Red/White), Heart of Dixie
    Empoleon - (Cotillion) - Alabamian - Southern Ballroom, resembles a formal tuxedo.
    Luxray (Sydian) - Favorite - Sydian
    Rhyperior - (Colt) - Striker - John Coltrane, Jazz Musician from Alabama.
    Piloswine - (Spearit) - Mascot - Spear + Team Spirit

    Petilil (Sydian) - Favorite - Sydian
    Emboar (Barby Q.) - Mascot - Southern Comfort Food. (First time picking Tepig!)
    Jellicent (Banchic) - Alabamian - Spirit of a Southern Belle. Banshee + chic.
    Munna (Geopi) - Plushie - GOP, elphant mascot.
    Zangoose (Whitney) - Marching - Eli Whitney, inventor of cotton gin
    Aggron (King Coal) - Striker - Nat King Cole
    #Team Popplio & Brionne