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    Jul 31st:
    I started the save where I left of at Route 2. Started the proceedings with battling the trainers, admiring the route alongthe way. Saw an item in the grass and withour thinking ran to grab it only to found battling a Lv 10 Audino.( My first grass shaking encounter without even knowing it Lol). OK well that made me hungry to raise my team before facing Lenora. So trained the team whenever I found that. Also of course the route trainers. I think I trained them to reach Lv 18. That also made me use some cheats to obtain 2 other in my team (Beldum and Bagon). Well what else I could do to satisfy myself. At last went into Nacrene city for gym battle. But first explored the city first of course. Battled N first. I really liked the idea of the franchise showing N's team different from last battle every time. OK Went inside the gym. Read some books as well battling the gym trainers. At last I faced of against Lenora. Man how much difficulty I faced when i battled her Herdier alone first. But ah well beated it and pop that Watchog's retaliation attack made me reset my save for 4-5 times . At last i found a way to beat her by sacrificing my unused Lv 9 Pidove . OK got the gym badge went out and ran after those Plasma grunts as you all know. Reached the forest explored it and did that event where you get the Dragonite's skull back. The forest was also amazing... Man I said that too early. Why because when I went to see Sky Arrow Bridge and how I had to run on it to reach castelia city made me really wished all was happening real !!! It was all way cool for me people... OK enough again lol... Reached Castelia city and here we go again... Man The city's design as well features were way badass cool.......... OK had to make this short, explored all the city did the usual stuff and went inside the gym. The gym again was magnificient but when I battled Burgh and won the battle at first try, his pokes were not so magnificient.. then I left the city and went at Route 4 to explore the desert. Did the usual wandering collecting and battling trainers. ,Man it was a very hard thing you know as the desert was too big. At last I completed the exploration and went to desert resort to explore it too. Battled the trainers again that place was huge and went inside the Relic castle area which was currently available. I picked up Plume Fossil from the guy and went back to reach Nimbasa city. Got the Bike from the old dude and prepared to explore the yet again another awesome city..
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