Thread: Diamond hack: Pokemon Ruby Magma & Sapphire Aqua
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This hack looks pretty sweet. I'm superstitious that the moment remakes of Hoenn start taking off Nintendo will release a remake for the 3DS (remember when Johto remake hacks were just starting out, the most advanced back then was Shiny Gold, and then Game Freak announced HeartGold and SoulSilver?), but this is still very impressive, especially if you can recreate dive and all the mechanics that go with it (you can do away with Defog as an HM, no one will mind ). I'm eager to see what you'll do with the time based events in Hoenn (given that you have days of the week to work with as opposed to just semi-random intervals of time), as well as what else you'll put in (staying true to the original is great, but putting your own spin on things is what makes these remakes unique).
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