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Edit: After skimming the Wikipedia page, i gathered that it is a state with: Farming, Christians, Thunderstorms, Republicans and Tornadoes.
Hahahaha. Brilliant. From that list, I would gather that you could use some sort of Grass type, Electric, or Flying. Republicans are represents by an elephant, which Donphan fits, unless you wanted that as your tusked Pokemon. Not sure what Pokemon would represent Christianity. :P We also have a diverse wildlife including deer, gophers, foxes, mice, raccoons, possums, crows, pigeons, falcons, and lots of different fish. Hopefully that helps on anything anyone else might be stuck on. I understand Alabama isn't really the most interesting place in the world, haha. It'd be easier to pick Pokemon if I lived in New York I guess. :P

Time to post my picks!

Self-explanatory...I'm playing White 2, Petilil is here we go! This will be the second challenge event I use one and keep it as a Petilil, actually. Woo!

There's an abundance of wildlife here in Alabama, so I'm going with a fox! When I lived with my paw paw, we would put food outside for the foxes and we'd watch them from the windows. When my paw paw passed away, the fox came back up to the house even though all of the family was outside. He looked at the house as if to bid farewell to my paw paw. RNGing for shiny because I can. :)

I haven't used Aerodactyl since gen III, so this should be fun! I don't know how well Aerodactyl would fit into a football team, though.

Alabama's mascot is an elephant...this is as close to an elephant that we have in Pokemon, so naturally I'm choosing it! Like Petilil, this is the second time I've used this in an event challenge. And for the same reason, lol. I used him to represent my favorite team's mascot in last year's Challenge Bowl.

It's red and white and fiesty like us band kids! <3

I couldn't say no to the giant plushie Oshawott sitting next to me. ;o;

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