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    Official Request Thread

    All Pokécommunity and Art & Design rules apply
    Recently there has been a surge of request threads and off-topic posts in the Pixel Art section (that has now been merged completely to form a universal art forum). Those requests should be posted here from now on to prevent people from breaking the rules.
    Make requests reasonable.
    Don't post and expect everyone to sprite everything that you need. Have your requests to a low minimum and you might get a better chance of someone doing it for you. Keep in mind what you are asking for as well; don't have someone create something large, complex and complicated as that could be ignored.

    Post when you're finished with requests.
    When you're finished with someone's request you must post the product here for others to know that the request is to complete. You may also VM/PM the requester the product to get their attention if they don't check the thread often.

    You can bump an old request post every 3 days just in case it is ignored. Any violations of this rule will have the post deleted as SPAM. You maybe post a request as much times as you want, but do not double post which includes bumping consecutive times.

    Provide sufficient details.
    To keep things less vague, provide details about your request so others have a better grasp of what you want. Some information and answers that you can provide are:
    What colours?
    • Blue? Yellow? Green? Etc.
    • Dark or bright colours?
    • Saturated or unsaturated? High or low contrast?
    What dimensions of your image?
    • 96x96 (Black and White style)
    • 80x80 (HeartGold, SoulSilver, Platinum, Diamond and Pearl style)
    • 64x64 (Firered, Leafgreen, Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald style)
    What do you need?
    • Fusion
    • Overworld sprite
    • Recolour
    • Pixelover
    • Repose
    • Revamp/Devamp (involves old sprites)
    • Scratch sprite (post references and your own artwork)
    • Signature & Avatars
    • Userbars
    • Sketch & fine-tuning, etc.
    Stick to requests and follow-ups instead of discussing about the Art in general and other mediums. All of those type of discussions can be done in the Art & Design Official DCC thread.

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