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    Originally Posted by Drakow View Post
    2) Nature (or some sort of unknown force or genetic change in thought process / something) is partially responsible for causing an increase in non 'straight' people being born into this world as a means to lower the global population and attempt to bring more balance to this world.
    I don't think increasing the number of non 'straight' people would necessarily lower the global population. Same-sex couples have been known to have children. Wanting to have children is basically your own choice. Whether you want children or not has little or nothing to do with who you're attracted to (at least, that's my opinion). There are straight couples who have children and non 'straight' couples that have children. The same is true for not having children. Of course, I have to admit non 'straight' couples might have more difficulties having children than straight couples, but it's not impossible. (Sorry for the rant here, but this is like my weak spot and I can't seem to help myself. Part of it is because my dad (and some other members of my family) believe that gay couples who have children (or bisexual people) are not really gay (or indecisive). It's not like they're saying it all the time, but they said it once and that's enough to make me think about it over and over and over and over. It actually stops me from really coming out to my parents because I'm not 100% sure of who I am (I know it's impossible, but to me it's the only thing I want to be really sure of) and they might not take me seriously when I suddenly realize I'm not really who I thought I was).
    What nature could 'do' is create something that affects our reproducing system so that there is less chance becoming pregnant. (But instead of nature doing that, we have nature creating diseases to try and lessen the global population)
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