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    I've taken to giving my Pokemon nicknames lately, though I didn't always. Makes me feel closer to them. To the collection of pixels in the animated monsters on my DS screen...I may need to get out more My current team's nicknames (the ones in my sig) are:

    Quorra the Blaziken, named after the character from Tron: Legacy.
    Mistral the Jolteon, named after the .Hack character.
    Rumor the Froslass, named after a character from a .Hack novel.
    Nausicaa the Milotic, named after the Studio Ghibli character.
    Elnara the Sawsbuck, slightly inspired by Inara the Firefly character.
    Tiamat the Hydreigon, named after the multi-headed dragon god in DnD.

    As for other peoples nicknames? I like them. It shows a little of who the previous owner was, even if it's something rude or in a language I don't understand.
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