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Hi there. I discovered this game around early 2012. I have never really been active on PokeCommunity as a whole, but I decided to see what was going on in Game Development because, to my understanding, this is where I find stuff with fakemon in them. I like fakemon because a lot of creativity goes into making them.

Anyway, I found your thread and watched your Youtube walkthrough. It really amazed me at how much you put into it. I went through a small phase when I was in highschool where I wanted to make a Pokemon game. xD It didn't last very long when I realized that there's more to it than just making sprites and art. I really enjoyed your walkthrough. I haven't tried the game myself because I try to only play stuff when it's completed.

Keep up the good work. I didn't know this project was still running. Congrats on finding someone who can make custom music too. I bet that's a nice touch to your game.

Oh yeah, I'd like to see the gym too if the town is very simple. I followed you on twitter! :D
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