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It's finally done.... But it's pretty bad. Over did the history then i rushed to get it done T.T why am i so bad at time management? Anyways you can tell i rushed it at the middle to end of my History :3


Brayden Thompson

In-Game Name: Locke
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Status: Normal Player
Level: 13


Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, Brayden was the only son of a pro baseball player and a policewoman. Despite the nice life style that his family lived, Brayden's household was strict to say the least. His mother made sure that he knew the rules and that there would be discipline if these rules were infracted upon. Despite, their tough parenting, Brayden loved his mother and father and they loved him in return.

Soon after his fifth birthday, Brayden followed in his father's steps and joined the youth baseball leauge. Immediatly it was evident that he had a natural talent for the sport. He would completley dominate the little leauge games and hit almost every ball thrown out of the ball park. At school, Brayden also showed an intelligence above the level of all his peers and he even went as far as skipping the first grade.

The life that he lived was perfect in his eyes. Brayden had friends, sports, and most of all his family at home. At least, he did for a little bit. As a professional baseball player, Brayden's father had to travel around with his team during the season and in this time he couldn't see his family very often. This paired with Brayden's mother's job as a policewoman made it so that the young boy would often find himself by himself at home.

At first, being by himself was no problem. There was the telivision to keep Brayden company and when that wasn't entertaining enough, the basketball goal outside could keep him occupied. If Mrs. Thompson had to work late, there was always a babysitter that she could call and everything was all nice and dandy. However, the older that Brayden grew, this wasn't enough for him. He wanted attention and attention was something that was unavailable to him during these periods of time.

So Brayden took to his friends and would leave the house against his mother's orders to stay home when she was on the job. At only ten years old, he would go around with his little group and wreck havoc on their small neighborhood. It started small. Things like ding-dong-ditching and other little pesterances to others. Then things grew a little by little to things like graffiti then to shoplifting then finally one day the little gang was found beating down another child for his money.

There he was at only eleven years of age, sitting in the back of a poilcecar. The car stopped. He looks up at the driver who returns the look but, the face that he recieves is that of dissapointment and sadness. Ironically enough, Brayden's mother was the person that came across the group robbing the boy. She didn't really know how to feel... she had found her own son mericilessly beating up and stealing from a helpless boy.

That night wasn't very fun for Brayden. First came the silence. Quiet fury radiated from his mother. She wouldn't speak to him but, Brayden knew that she was furious, dissapointed, but this silence hurt him worse than anything ever could. Other than what happened once his father came home. After suffering a rather humiliating loss, Mr. Thompson was called by his wife who informed him of Brayden's actions. This prompted the now infuriated father to catch the next flight from Seattle to Atlanta. As soon as he burst through the door he grabbed his belt off the night stand and the rest is history.

Hours of lectures, beatings, and for Brayden's parents, dissapointment went on throughout the night. He sat there taking all of it. The boy knew he deserved every bit of it, yet he felt a sense of satisfaction that his parents actually cared. They always were absent whether they wanted to be or not and finally they decided to pay a little attention to him. Bray knew how selfish this was but, he couldn't help it. He was only eleven, he wanted his mum and dad even though he knew that they were busy, Brayden was still a young child just wanting the attention of his parents and it was apparent that the only he would get it, was through acts like this.

So it continued. Over ten charges of assault, theft, and shoplifting among other crimes sent the fourteen year old Brayden to juvenille court. When Brayden's parents found out, he recieved the attention he wanted... but only from his mother. Mr. Thompson had enough. He just gave up on his son, refusing to even look at him and telling him that he wasn't even his son anymore. Bray's father berated him and threw him out of the family's home.

Brayden's mom on the other hand, kept on loving him even as dissapointed as she was. She comforted him outside the home and told him it would be alright. She lectured the boy, but never shouted or tried to hurt him. This hurt Brayden more than being thrown out of his own home ever would. He had done so much to make his parents suffer yet, there his mom was, comforting him and loving him all the same. That night the little thug cried his eyes out into his mother's shoulder as she wrapped him up tight, telling him it would be okay.

Thanks to the help of the money his father made playing baseball, the family hired one of the best lawyers in the buisness to work Brayden's case. No matter the status of the attorney, he was only able to shorten Bray's sentence to a four months in Juvenille Hall. So there he was, the ace of the school baseball team and the top student in his class, sitting in the back of a police truck, taking him to Juvy.

Every day. That's how often Brayden's mother would come to visit him. She sat with him across that screen and talk to him about her day. How she had caught some robbers or how she had pulled over his teacher for a DUI or how her boss pissed her off. They would sit and talk with one another, and as much as Brayden hated being stuck in that place he couldn't help but, be so overjoyed that his mom would come to visit all the time. Even in that dreary detention center, Bray was the happiest that he had been in a long time.

Then it stopped. Only a a couple more weeks until Bray was released, his mum didn't show up for her daily talk with her son. As dissapointed as he was, Brayden just carried on with his day. Maybe she's sick? Maybe she got caught up at work? Explanations ran throughout the boy's head as he lay in bed trying to sleep. The next day came and visiting hours rolled up in no time. Once again, Brayden was awaited by an empty window. He started to worry. After about a week of going through the same cycle, Bray finally went to one of the guards and asked him if anything had happened to his mother. "Not that I know of... I heard that she skipped work this week though. Maybe vacation?" Brayden went to bed that night, thinking of all the possibilites.

Finally, the day of Brayden's release was upon him. He left the facility to find that his father was signing his papers. The man wouldn't even look at his son. "Get in the car." was all that he could muster up. Bray hopped into the truck and took a glance at his dad. Even though he knew that his dad hated him now, the boy couldn't tell quite what it was... but something felt a bit off in the way his father carried himself. Maybe something happened at baseball?

The car started and it backed up into the main road. The two rode in silence, father and son just looking straight ahead into the road. The car pulls of into an empty parking lot. A slight drizzle starts just as Bray's dad turns to look at him. "Son..." His eyes tear up. "Your mom... she... she's a little.. sick right now." He looks away. "It's a brain tumor... they say she has four days left..."

Sick. That was the only word that could describe how Brayden felt. His eyes welled up as he cursed himself. Had she been going to all of our meetings feeling all that pain? And I was there thinking that she had just abandoned me... The two, father and son sat there crying together while the drizzle turned to rain.

There were many visits to the hospital before the inevitable happened. Brayden stayed from sun up to late into the night. He sat and talked to his mother about anything but, one discussion they had stuck out over the rest. "When you go back to school and out into the world again, promise me that you'll be good for me son." She had said to him weakly grasping his arm. "Always do what is right."

It came a day earlier than expected. Brayden sat in shock as he held his mother's lifeless arm in his hands. His father wrapped his son up and the two sat in that hospital room crying their eyes out. The normal procedure went as usual. There was a burial with family and friends there, reception where Bray and his father were comforted by loved ones, and then they were alone in that house. It felt empty.

It took him a couple months but, Brayden eventually started going to the Alternative School in Atlanta. There he met all sorts of people drug dealers, thugs, anything he could've thought of. Then he found that his old friends had been put into the same school as him. They would tell him to join them again so they could go beat up some more kids, get some more cash, and get some more stuff. But Brayden remembered the promise he made to his mother about staying good for her. So he refused.

While Brayden went on with his life, his father couldn't. He retired from the game he loved and he would sit all day at home, watching tapes of his wedding, looking at old photos, and staring out into the sky. Bray left him alone because he knew that was how we would've liked it but, something happened. One day after coming home from school, Brayden went into the kitchen to grab something to eat. His father came up to him and started yelling and screaming at him. "It's your fault! You should have died not her!" He berated his son and beat him while doing so... and Bray took it because he felt the same way.

The beatings continued at home and Brayden continued to take them. The pursuit of recruiting him back into his old group was growing more and more. Until finally he gave in after having enough at home. His friends would treat him like a god and would follow him to the ends of the earth. So, they went and did what they used to. Robbery, shop lifting, assault, the possibilites were endless. Bray felt terrible on one hand but, he finally had the attention he wanted and some people that actually cared for him.

Then, the group was integrated into the normal school system again. Not to manys suprise Brayden became the star of the school's baseball team and he and his gang became the most populars guys in school. Bray kept trying to make himself more and more loved. He would be nice to some people and then stab them in the back to make himself more popular and it went on and on and on.

He had the support of hundreds of people, yet there was no one that truly loved him and that he could rely on. Brayden had done so much, crawling and scratching his way up to the top, only to find that he earned nothing but, people watching him and "aiding" him from afar. Brayden felt hollow now, there was nothing he could do. He had ruined all these peoples lives, made them feel terrible, said things to them that he didn't really mean. But, Brayden had come this far... would he give it all up to repent for his sins?

Then he discovered Sword Art Online. A world where Brayden could be anything he wanted, it was brilliant. Then he thought of something even greater, he would do what his mother had asked him to do in this game. Bray knew it was silly and it was a bad excuse for what he was doing in real life but, he was desperate for any excuse he could have. So, he bought the game and became "Locke" a hero for the weak and a scourge of the evil.


Brayden is the stereotypical high school jock, that doesn't give a **** about other's wants, needs, and well being. He's the most popular guy around and he knows it. The heartless bastard has no problem hurting others, whether it be mentally or physically. Brayden treats everyone lower than he treats himself and if someone calls him out on this, he lashes out at them in anger... and in guilt.

Below the surface, Brayden is a broken person. The only reason he acts the way he does, treats people the way he does, hurt people the way he does, is that he's looking for approval. Under the smirk, is a disheartened young man, looking for someone to rely on. Brayden truly feels guilt and shame for all the actions that he has taken along the path he's taken. All that he wanted, was the support of the friends that he had. Then that went on to bigger things, and then that expanded on to bigger things.

Then there is Locke, the counter part to Brayden Thompson. The kind hearted hero of justice, as he is known throughout the games. Locke is a very playful and joyful player, contrary to his self in the real world. As his nickname entails, he goes about helping others and bringing justice to those that deserve it. Despite his kind personality, Locke feels that even the smallest of crimes can't go unpunished.


- Two Handed Assault Spear
- Hiding
- Fishing
- Howl

Sword Arts

Flight of the Phoneix: A very costly yet deadly attack, the user must be at least ten feet away from their target for this attack. When the user jumps into the spear glows with a bright red glow as it is thrown by the user towards the target. If hit, the attack causes severe damage however, if it is missed the user must go retrieve his own weapon, which the enemy may also retrieve.

Hydra Strike: The user steps back, and pulls back his spear with him which is glowing with a dark green hue at this point. The user then steps forward and jabs at his opponent multiple times (5-10) However, the strikes don't always hit and aren't as strong as a normal attack.

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