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    Sixth, and second-to-last update. Ran into a snag with my ROM freezing right as the Plasma Frigate cutscene began as the Shadow Triad kicked us out (great reason not to use a ROM right there!), so that really slowed things down. D: I eventually figured out a way around the problem, though. Currently, I'm right outside the League, about to challenge the Elite Four.
    • We defeated Terrakion, so Colress gave us his machine to get past the Crustle blocking the way to the Plasma Frigate.
    • The Plasma Frigate was actually quite tough! Well, the first time around, at least. I didn't know where the healing bed was, so that made things a bit difficult. But we eventually reached Zinzolin and his lackey, who challenged Hugh and me to a double battle. The battle was pretty easy, actually. However... the game would freeze at the cutscene after this battle. I don't know how many times I replayed this battle (all different!). >_<
    • Eventually, I bypassed this problem and continued on to the Giant Chasm. Again, the Plasma Frigate was not easy, but Zinzolin was. I recall Colress putting up a good fight, though.
    • Black Kyurem! I checked out its stats, and it was intimidating. Shuckle was in the front at the time. Power Split, Toxic, Stone Edge, coupled with Rocky Helmet, and it was over. Wow! Shuckle took down this legendary by himself. I think the levels were about equal too. So proud of him! ^-^
    • Ah, Ghetsis. Somehow, his levels went down since what happened two years ago. I really should do updates after big battles like this one so I won't forget so much. >_< Anyways, I think Shuckle and his Cohagrigus both started off with Toxic. Super annoying! Only I'm allowed to use that! D:< And he had Leftovers too... I eventually switched out for Archen to finish it off, and to replace Defeatist with Mummy! Unfortunately, Seismitoad was next, so I had to switch out. Shaymin was the natural choice, and so Seismitoad went down like that. Hmmm, I can't remember what happened next. Eelektross wasn't too bad. But Drapion. Oh man, Drapion was a pain. I think I lost Tepig, Archen, and Mienfoo to it before finishing it off with Shaymin. Hydreigon took down my weakened Shuckle with a crit, I think, but Shaymin is broken. Toxicroak fell to a single Psychic. In the end, I think I was left with Shaymin in the yellow and Squirtle in full health (didn't participate in the battle). Hmm, somehow that doesn't seen completely correct. Oh well.
    • With the Team Plasma stuff concluded, it's time to move on to Victory Road! Route 23 and Victory Road were not easy at all. I did the last part of Route 23 (requiring Cut) Shaymin-less, too. Fun! Soo many healing trips!
    • The battle with Hugh wasn't too smooth, either. Tepig almost defeated his Unfezant, but I was stupid. Swagger was really worrisome. Archen finished it off, and he sent out Samurott in response. Shaymin defeated it even after he used a Max Potion. Bouffalant, ugh. As usual, I forgot about its Sap Sipper and so Leech Seed was absorbed and raised its Attack. Still, Shaymin survived the boosted Megahorn! I switched for Shuckle for the Power Split, Toxic, and Rocky Helmet damage. I think Shuckle eventually fell to a crit. I probably finished the job using Mienfoo, who then lost to Simisage. Archen was able to take one Rock Slide and retalitate with Acrobatics to win the battle, though.
    • After a bit of training, I saved the game outside the League guard guy. Next time, the Elite Four and Iris. Oh man, remembering the trouble my first in-game team had on her, this is gonna be tough.

    The team so far:

    CharacteristicQuick to fleeStrongly defiantMischievousHates to loseVery finickyCapable of taking hits
    AbilityBlazeDefeatistTorrentNatural CureInner FocusSturdy
    ItemEvioliteNoneRocky HelmetLeftoversShell BellRocky Helmet
    MovesFlame ChargeAcrobaticsSurfEnergy BallDrain PunchToxic
    Wild ChargeAncientPowerIce BeamLeech SeedHi Jump KickPower Split
    Flare BlitzAqua TailIron DefenseReturnRock SlideStruggle Bug
    Head SmashBulldozeToxicPsychicPaybackStone Edge

    Completed Solo Runs
    Treecko: FR (3 KOs) | HG (29 KOs)
    Buizel: Pt (5 KOs)