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    Did you ever play Pokémon and think how awesome it would be if Nintendo made a Pokémon MMO?
    No need to dream any longer..
    Pokemon Nox has arrived!


    Once upon a time, a meteor containing an alien virus crashed on earth.
    This meteor was recovered by a scientist from the Team Rocket Remnants.
    He considers the meteor and the power it contains the way to restore Team Rocket to its former glory.
    If Team Rocket succeeds in extracting the secrets from the meteor, the world as we know it may no longer exist.
    Prof.Oak knows Team Rocket recovered the meteorite and failing to contact Red, he gives several new trainers a starter Pokémon in the hopes they can find Red.
    Together they may be able to prevent the biggest disaster the Pokémon world has ever faced.
    (This is the old storyline, this will soon be replaced with the new one)


    • Original Storyline with lots of quests •
    • Chat, Trade and Battle with players all over the world •
    • Original Region and Storyline •
    • Trainer skills •


    Current Team:

    Me - Creator
    Quenten - Writer, Co-Leader
    Slizer02 - Pokemon Rebalancing
    Melon Ninja - Spriter
    Dismissal Amoeba - Helper
    Soof - Mapper

    Special thanks go to Poccil, Maruno and Blizzard.



    New Region. Freedom. MMO. Stay tuned.
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