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    Originally Posted by Cassino View Post
    Hoenn won't and shouldn't be remade in the near future because it wasn't an 8-bit game; it isn't that special old class of games which 'deserve', as it were, remakes due to relatively significant technological advancement since their time. Even the first generation remakes are third generation themselves, so if one will remake Hoenn, why not Kanto a second time? Well, that's rhetorical. The bottom line is that the current franchise (broad changes to narrative style since the fifth generation) is profitable; a Hoenn remake 'only' has all that much appeal to existing fans and is therefore more financially risky and becomes more risky the older the original games become as less of the older fans still care.
    The technological advancement jumping from the 8-bit RBY to the graphics of the GBA is just as significant as the jump from the old GBA graphics to the new 3DS graphics.

    I actually believe that Kanto will be remade a second time before any hypothetical Sinnoh remakes. There are so many new younger fans to the series, in which remakes are a good opportunity to give them an opportunity to play through what others have. I, for one, have enjoyed playing many remakes (not just pokemon remakes!) which otherwise I would not have had the opportunity to play, because their systems were outdated. So there is no risk, because when a new fan picks up the game, they'll be just as eager to play it as a nostalgian would.

    Think of games like Ocarina of Time and Starfox 64 which were made for the 3DS. When younger audiences find these in a game store, they don't think, "These games are remakes, I won't buy them." They'll think, "Oh hey, a new pokemon game, back when things like Blaziken were starters. I want to try this." So it's not just for nostalgians. (I edited this post to include this paragraph.)

    Despite being an older player, I have the... uncommon experience of only starting playing pokemon at Pokemon Diamond version. I never played GSC, yet was really happy to play Johto for the first time when HGSS came out. Likewise, I've never owned RSE, nor do I own a system that could play it, so I stand as an example of a non-preexisting player who would love to play Hoenn, with nothing to do with nostalgia.

    Originally Posted by greenking13 View Post
    ... I know people will hate me for doing this...


    Sorry, but I really love emerald and pray that they remake that region.
    Funny thing is, if there are Hoenn remakes, we will most likely have a Ruby remake and a Sapphire remake, but no 3rd version remake. (Al beit that the plot of things like HGSS followed Crystal as opposed to either Gold or Silver. )