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    Before the forum I come from got trashed by a certain hacker and we had to migrate to Xenforo, yellow cards were never given out. It was either a verbal warning via PM or an infraction.

    As such, if I were modded here, I'd never use yellow cards... it'd be a quick warning for a first offence and then an infraction for whatever happens next. PMs make yellow cards redundant as is. This is similar to how I moderate Pokemon Showdown servers: I warn first and then lay down the law, so to speak.

    If the offence was of sufficient magnitude, however, I'd just go straight to an infraction (like on Showdown, where I go straight to a mute or a lock or even a ban). No use in warning for something major; it's a waste of time and gives some sort of encouragement to the user who may fall under the impression that you're not firm / assertive / whatever enough.
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