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    Originally Posted by Atomic Reactor View Post
    Well here's the gym. Unfortunately for you guys, the city that I would have shown off is bigger than any city known to date in the pokemon games, it is a large dark city with crime, gangs... and a bar. Idk, it would have been interesting, I swear!

    How do you like these apples for your eyes.
    you're kidding
    looks like we've been dooped - oh well, the gym looks nice, but it seems a little boring (though I only see 2 shots of it) it seems like a mountain you climb - then again, if the ground is slippery and you have to climb the mountain it could make for the most annoying maze every - with the addition of trainers to boot x.x

    however I do like what I see, fantastic work! keep it up, I just have to see more! haha

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