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    Originally Posted by Saving Raven View Post
    what kind of new region? you make it sound like theres 3 regions, though the screenshot I see is the path just before pewter city - do you mean you'll be redesigning both regions? are you unable to go to johto? is red no longer on silver mountain? if he still is, are you able to reach it and not johto, because they are right next to each other according to hg/ss (the most recent one ive played ) and how do you reach hoenn? through a boat ride? after you reach there do you have to keep taking the boat ride?
    The final game will have 3 accessible regions, Kanto, Hoenn and Johto.
    Red is no longer on silver mountain, silver mountain may still be accessible.
    You reach Hoenn by a boat ride, after you've taken the boat ride you can fly.

    Originally Posted by Saving Raven View Post
    - in HG/SS there was a train that took you from kanto-johto and vice versa, however, there was also the road to the elite 4, that was sort of a grey area, it was in both johto and kanto - basically when your in 1 region you cant fly to the other, but you could fly to that road, and then fly to the other region much faster than the train - my question is how will you be dealing with this, is there no need to be in the other region when you're in 1? are there exclusive pokemon in each region?
    Each region will have some exclusive Pokémon.

    Originally Posted by Saving Raven View Post
    This is planning on being an MMO, is there a limit on pokemon? some games have a limit on beasts and monsters and require players to take action in making more, through growing seeds, or other means, is your game just like a normal pokemon game? are there quests? are the quests the same for each person? can you do double battles with other players? can you team up to take on a gym leader? are gyms a solo thing? are there dungeons? are the gyms a dungeon OOO:
    The only limit to how many Pokémon you can have is how much space the boxes have.
    It's just a like a regular pokemon game but with more quests etc.
    The quest may change depending on some variables (starter pokémon etc.)
    Gyms are still a solo thing, and there will be dungeons.

    MMO. Thread coming soon.
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