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Originally Posted by Saving Raven View Post
If this is an MMO that means we can trade pokemon with other real people, correct? how many pokemon are there in the game? those 3 regions+evolutions, or all of them? or what O.o
Yes trading with other people will be possible.
All 649 Pokémon will be in the game with the exception of some legendaries.

Originally Posted by Saving Raven View Post
-one thing, how will trainer battles work, I'm assuming theres still the normal trainers etc, but will there be PvP? if there is can you do it all willy-nilly? could you stalk people and constantly ask them to battle? can you battle but only in a Colosseum type of thing? can you only battle trainers on routes and such, and the towns and cities are "safe areas"
The final game will feature pvp, you'll be able to challenge people with everywhere with a few exceptions.
There will also be a limit how many battle requests you can send to one person within certain time period so people won't be bothered.

New Region. Freedom. MMO. Stay tuned.
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