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    Originally Posted by Linkdude231 View Post
    I'd like to report a bug: In cherrygrove city, there's invisible cut trees in certain places, like in front of the pokemon center and the old guide gent's house
    Thanks for letting me know! I'll fix it right away!

    EDIT: Fixed.

    EDIT: There's a really weird bug. Silvers team is way too overpowered in the first battle, yet I don't remember giving him a level 20 gastly for the first battle ._.
    I'll fix it. Also, the guide gent doesn't appear for an odd reason. I checked in goldmap, and the data IS there, but I don't know what's going on.

    EDIT: I fixed the first bug, but it seems like there isn't a way to fix the guide gent one. Sorry, but there won't be a way to look at the region map, but when you get the FLY HM, you can use it as a map, I guess. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    EDIT: Version 3.0 Released.

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