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    Oerba Dia Vanille

    "A gym leader sounds like a great career" Vanille said back to him. "I haven't been in a contest yet. But I've been training Merida for years on contest techniques, and started with Prince today" she added onto that looking around at the scenery as they walked by. When battling Vanille mainly focused on the beauty and power of her Pokemon's moves. "I personally have never really been around ghost types yet, but I think they would be very fun to train. I might look into catching one after I get a fire and ice type"

    Merida meanwhile looked at Snype and shook her head as the other Pokemon flexed his arms. "So Mark, is everyone really friendly here? So far everyone I've met have seemed pretty nice"

    Rosalyn Smith

    "I guess, we'll have to split in the meantime. You go deposit your Pokemon while I'll have mine healed up." Dex said and Rosalyn nodded smiling.

    "Yupp. I'm gonna go deposit my Pokemon and get Melody, then I'll be sitting over there" she pointed to some comfy looking chairs near the door. "I need to rest my leg for a minute so take as long as you need healing your Pokemon" she added before making her way over to the PC machine. Opening her pc box Rosalyn took out Shade's Pokeball and put the pesky Purrloin in the PC before retrieving Melody's Pokeball from it. Once she had done that Rosalyn logged off of the machine and made her way over to the chairs taking a seat in one, propping her sprained ankle up and putting her crutches on the floor.

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