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War on women? What? Look at gender ratios at public schools across the United States and tell me which gender is getting shafted. Let's take a look at some of the more prestigious.

University of Virginia
55% Female
45% Male

University of North Carolina
58% Female
41% Male

University of California, Berkley
53% Female
47% Male

55% Female
45% Male

University of Michigan
49% Female
51% Male

College of William & Mary
55% Female
45% Male

So in 5 of the top 6 most highly respected public institutions of higher learning in the United States there's a solid gender gap in favor of women.

Let's look at Title IX. This is a law the requires the equal treatment of men and women is sports at all school levels. What's the problem? More men play sports. And men's sports, like football, have in excess of 80 players depending on the level of play. It's way more complicated than what I'm about to say but the gist is there have to be an equal amount of male and female athletes. Well, if one sport is taking up 80 players, then you have to finance many different women's sports to make up for it. This causes schools to stop sponsoring football and/or cutting other men's sports.

Women also don't make less than men when you compare education, experience, and work hours. This video will explain it.
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