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    Dexter Patrick Prince // Walking with Rosie

    + Helioptile

    Dex went over to the nurse and handed him his Pokeballs. "Uh, miss. Please handle my Helioptile with care. He's a fragile little thing yet." The nurse smiled at him as she got Dex' Pokeballs.

    "Don't worry, child. We've got it covered," the nurse said. Dex smiled back but he remembered something to ask. "Uh, miss. Do you have a list of the Pokemon found in this island?" Dex wanted to see what Pokemon are still available in the island. He's on a catching spree, why not catch more?

    "Sorry kid. The Pokemon are not catalogued yet. Sorry," the nurse said, not looking at Dex. Dex just sighed. Oh well, I think I need to randomize this. The nurse handed Dex back his Pokeballs.

    "Your Pokemon are in good shape. Take care!" Dex nodded and went to Rosie, who was sitting on the couches. "Let's go."

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