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-police violence/brutality and the erosion of the extremely necessary Miranda rights - how law enforcement has become something to fear, and not something to rely on when danger strikes.

I have never had a fear or dislike of law enforcement with the exception of highway patrol :/ I have a great deal of reverence toward my local police officers. I don't involve myself in any situation in which might change my perception of cops as being negative. I'd like to see some information regarding Police Brutality and Miranda Warnings in the US, if anyone is claiming that they are a major concern. The Supreme Court has an extensive array of laws regarding the Miranda Warnings including exemptions of the rights, such as, the immediate endangerment of an individual for example. Other than that, I don't understand why it would be believed that Miranda Rights are diminishing, most police agencies require a written version of the Miranda Warning to affirm the individual verify that the rights have been read with a signature. If anything this issue has become more of a non-issue over time.

-the NSA spying on American citizens and recording their daily activities without having any warrant to do so. Prosecuting and persecuting whistleblowers and naming them "spies" and "traitors" to the country when they attempt to reveal to the people the cruelty and inhumanity that the government and the military enact against innocent civilians in other countries

First off, the government has every right to survey the public activity so long as that information is kept confidential and only used for purpose of criminal activity and defense security. There is this perception that the NSA is reading your personal emails and investigating the personal lives of many individuals. They simply don't have the time or desire to read through conversations that are not pertinent to security. I would gladly allow the government the ability to read through my personal information if that is a requisite for discovering terrorist activity. Any advocates against this either engage in illegal activity, or are defending arbitrary rights for the sake of defending arbitrary rights with little regard for the good that these programs do. "But I don't want the government spying on me." They probably haven't read a single piece of private information granted you haven't engaged in suspicious activity. Thus, whistle-blowing does create chaos and interrupts the government from working proficiently when the media is used as the vehicle for whistle-blowing rather than a congressional committee, which may a time will gladly contest with the President's Administrative Agencies. It's a matter of pandering to arbitrary rights rather than valuing the function of the programs. Further, fleeing to China and Russia and disclosing information and documentation that is classified to these nations is dangerous. These are the two other superpowers of the world, by creating conflict with these nations, it puts at risk the entire global stability, so I would consider such actions to be conducive with his "traitor" status, though I would like to qualify that status a traitor to international stability, thus a traitor to all . Legitimate concerns should be taken care of quietly, among diplomats, rather than stirring the public hysteria foreign or abroad, and since the US is interconnected with many countries, such forms of whistle-blowing places the entirety of global stability at risk and is a unilateral decision of which a person usually has no authority, as was the case of Snowden.

-politicians pursing their own agendas while disregarding the thoughts and opinions of the public - even going against their own initial promises to do so

Actually, this is the opposite. The opinions of the public and their engagement in the political process is stronger than ever, and for all of the wrong reasons. If anything, the nation is at risk of the tyranny of the majority. If tax dollars are allocated or withheld from certain persons, the votes follow, and this is where the politicians have a lack of regard for effective public policy. The public doesn't take into account the many factors of making a policy and have effectively hijacked the process, in which, now our representatives are making decisions that please the individual's desires rather than the public's welfare on a broad scale.

-Higher cost of living and lower and lower wages - how people can no longer survive on minimum wage and how great the divide between the poor and the rich has become

We live in a society in which even the poor have luxuries such as televisions and cellphones. It's all a matter of relativity. I agree the divide of the rich and poor has increase and is a concern though. As mentioned in the question before, many of these issues are arising with the political process as it relates to the sway regarding uninformed public and their appetitive and reckless desires.

-the war on women, minorities and homosexuals in our country and the withholding of rights to these groups

These are largely exaggerated if existent in some cases. These minor injustices are nothing compared to the United States 20, 50, or 100+ years ago. The trend is upward, so I don't understand the argument since injustices have been steadily declining, thus more violence would also decline. However, most crime is unrelated, and mainly concerns poverty.
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