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As Fenneking said, the current situation of the US is a billion times better than 100 years ago. Sure, they didn't read your emails, but, in turn, neither women nor blacks were allowed to vote, discrimination not only did exist and was more common than it is today, but it was also legal and approved by most people.

Not only that, but the Miranda rights were created in 1966!, which leaves us with around 200 years in which they could not be toyed with and infringed upon... because they just did not exist!

In other words, there is an upward trend. Sure, there are always uncertainties. Sure, there are always leaders who prefer stepping back than forward. And yes, the inequalities are increasing tenfold during the current crisis and need to be fixed to avoid a bigger divide in society. But the US are one of the most developed countries in the world, and as bad as they might be today, people living there are much better off nowadays than they could be 100 years ago. So no, I don't think the country is falling into hell.

Bonus track: Obamacare is the best healthcare system the US have had in ever. Can it be improved and built on? Of course! Is it a sign of the end of the world? Certainly not.
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