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Originally Posted by heyo View Post
PMed by request.



I need a few favors from people:

1.) A few maps done...
I need a couple of city maps done; I have little to no inspiration for them, and I'm having a hard time thinking of anything. If someone could make me a map or at least just an idea for a map then I'd be very happy.

The first one I need is called Newspring City. It's a city that has a train station (like the maps with railroad tracks that I posted on the first page of the thread), a gym, a trainer school, and a really old hidden building that I can edit to match the storyline later.

The second one is called Redwood City. It's a huge city (similar to ones like Goldenrod, Rustboro, Celadon, Veilstone, Castelia, etc), which means that it must be mostly roads and buildings, meaning less grass/trees. It has a gym, and a temple (I don't want to say church, but I think it should resemble an old Christian church).

2.) Some trainer sprites made...
There are two trainers that I'm having a hard time coming up with designs for.
One is an antagonist named Gaz. Gaz has a personality very similar to that of Doopliss from Paper Mario the Thousand Year Door (and if you don't know who Doopliss is, look here:, aside from saying "Slick." He only uses ghost type Pokemon, and is found in ghostly/haunted places.
I want him to look kind of like a magician, but I'm having trouble getting that look.

The other is another villain named Dr. (or Prof.) Spruce. Spruce was a colleague of the professor in the game (Cedar) and uses Pokemon that he spliced together, which is another one of my ideas for the game. In other words, there will be Pokemon that are two or more put together to make a completely new one. Spruce needs to look something like the traditional Pokemon professors, but also showing that he's a bad guy. He could have spiky hair or a spiky mustache, I dunno. But these are some good examples of what he could look something like:
Obviously without being so fat...

3.) Some tiles made (if possible)...
I'm also having a hard time designing tiles. I need snowy tiles for one town and two cities, I need volcanic tiles for a volcano, and I need rusty underground tiles for an underground city (like the Under in Pokemon Colosseum). I could also use tiles for the overworld in general. This isn't so necessary right now, though.

If anyone can do any of these, lemme know because I would really appreciate it. Thanks.
I would have to agree, that the tiles could use some work, along with a few of the maps. As for creating new ones, sadly I can't help much with that right now. :/