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My least favourite Hoenn starter is Mudkip. It's still a great pokemon with great stats and amazing typing, but I prefer the others. Plus Whiscash is a viable alternative.

My second favourite starter is Torchic. It is very offensive, learns great moves like Sky Uppercut and Blaze Kick, and Blaziken is very cool looking. It was banned in Ubers too, and was a unique type (back in the day ). The only bad thing is he is weak to the champion and the 8th gym, which is kind of annoying.

My favourite Hoenn starter is Treecko. It's pretty fast and it has good attack, which is a pretty new concept for a grass type. The champion in Emerald is also a water trainer, so it's a pretty good choice. Treecko was always the starter I picked when I played Emerald as a wee lad.
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