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What languages do you speak, and how well do you speak them?
The only language I have any substantial amount of knowledge in is English. However, I've recently started learning Korean! Korean Pop music sparked my desire to learn and I'm hoping that one day I'll be able to understand all kinds of Korean media. At the moment I've just been working on learning Hangul (the Korean alphabet) and how each character is pronounced. The consonants have been giving me a bit of trouble with the differences between beginning and ending consonants, but I'll get it eventually.

Being an anime fan, I'd also like to learn Japanese eventually. Dubs are usually inferior compared to the original so it'd be great to experience anime in the way it was originally intended without having to read subtitles. However, I don't want to get ahead of myself, so I'll take baby steps when it comes to diversifying my language capabilities.

Also, what are some online tools that you use to help learn?
I originally used this set of videos to take my first steps into the language. I've also watched a few of the basic vocabulary videos from that same channel, but I want to get the alphabet down before I go any deeper into actual conversation. I believe it's best to have a strong foundation in the language before learning words or phrases. Understanding why certain words are spelled/pronounced the way they are is better than just memorizing them and what they mean.

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