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    Oak Town Streets

    Chapter I, Part I
    "The Missing Sibling"

    Lv. 17


    "Sis! Siiiis!!" Li was frantic. His only sister disappeared into a crowd of Humans and slipped away from him! He rushed up to an Ekans slithering along behind one of the Humans and tried to get the snake's attention. "E-Excuse me, have you seen a Glaceon walking th--"

    "Hey, beat it kid! I ain't got time for that!"

    Li glared, puffing out his chest and staring daggers at the snake, who simply ignored him and continued along by the Human. "Dang it!" Li exhaled and shook his head. She's in danger, he thought quietly. I know she is. He felt his emotions melting down over his heart, feeling it gain weight and sink down to his stomach. What if she was mauled by Fearow, or maybe even a dragon!? "S-Sis!" Li started again, feeling paranoia overcome him completely, masking his ability to think clearly. "Sis, where are you!?" Pacing in place, Li looked left and right, starting to panic more over time. Where is she!? I hope she's okay...!

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